Hi there!

I'm Lindsey.

Chances are that you are here looking for photography services for awesome pictures, or you are a fellow photographer just checking out other photographers. Either way, I’m so glad you stopped by!

Everyone always asks me how I got started in photography, and the answer is pretty normal, I think. I was a teenager who was fascinated by the art and so I took a class (was film only back then!) and just kept up with it! But, I much prefer to talk about why I still love it.

The stacks of memories and experiences that make me who I am are captured in photos all around me. Photography has been a constant companion of mine since I was a child and I find that I cling to it in my personal life because it provides me with the tangibility I wish memories had naturally. The magic about photography, I think, is that it demands that you be present in the moment; that you focus on what's happening right in front of you. Each photograph is unique and will never happen again in the same way. In my years of being a photographer, I've learned that impactful images often create themselves if you just allow them to. It's being a part of that process that keeps me coming back.

A few non-photography related facts about me:

I grew up in Eastern Oklahoma, I love living in North Carolina, and have incurable wanderlust.

I'm a dog person. Big time. Being covered in a pile of puppies is my nirvana.

I'm a terrible singer and even worse dancer, but I love music. Windows down, and the radio way up!

I'm a much better version of myself after a (large) cup of coffee in the morning.

I can't wink my left eye. Don't try to teach me - it won't work...

I'm a love junkie and I cry when I hold newborn babies. I’m a proud “softie”.

Laughter really is the best medicine - and hugs. Yes - you know you love them! (see above noted “softie” reference…)

I find being in nature very restorative, and if I have a camera in hand, even better!

I find my center and balance in life by spending time with my wife and daughter, preferably on my back porch with a glass of wine, in my pajamas, remembering to be grateful for this crazy, beautiful life.