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Lindsey Laughlin lives in Cary, North Carolina She is dedicated to capturing the story her clients want to tell. Lindsey's style is photo-journalistic and casual; emphasizing her client's personalities and relationships in a way that brings out the best image in every situation. She travels all over the United States providing wedding and portrait photography services and making wonderful memories!



What to Expect

Questions? We've got answers.

We know you must be curious, so here are the answers to the questions we hear most often:

Q. Will there be a lot of traditional poses used in my session?
A. Generally, no. I like to use the traits and body language that come most naturally to you and then will photograph those aspects. My photographic style is largely journalistic, meaning it tells a story. I encourage my clients to be relaxed and focus on the connection they have with each other. I will suggest some things that I think will be the most flattering but if there are poses you've seen that you really want, feel free to bring them to my  attention! I want  to photograph my clients just enjoying this time in their lives. 

Q. What should I wear?
A. I always tell my clients to be comfortable! If you feel stiff in your clothing, you'll look stiff in your pictures. So, rock your favorite style but make sure you can move around well while doing that. Another tip I make sure to give, is to coordinate with whomever you are being photographed with but don't match them exactly. It makes a much more dynamic and timeless photo if you are wearing colors or patterns that compliment each other but you don't look like twins. :) If you are getting your photos taken solo, I recommend colors that compliment your skin tone and work with the season we're in, and cuts that flatter your body type. Layering is always a good idea!              

Q. How long will it take to see my finished product?
A. In most cases, you will receive your images within 1-2  weeks after your shoot. Large events, like weddings will take a little more time - usually around 4-6 weeks.

Q. When do I pay?
A. Session/package non-refundable deposits are 25% of your package price and are put toward your final total. The remaining amount is due at the time of service. If your session requires rescheduling for any reason, your deposit will not be lost! You can still apply it to your future session. (Up to 2 reschedules are permitted with the original deposit; after that, an additional 25% deposit is required to book an appointment) Additional print order charges are due at time of order. Since both the session and the prints are highly customized based on your requests, refunds are not available. Wedding deposits are due at the agreement signing and the remainder, 1 week before the event.

Q. Will I have my pictures taken in a studio?
A. I work as an "on location" photographer. Meaning, I come to you! I love it when my clients choose a spot that means something special to them as a couple or as a family. If you have a newborn, I will set up my equipment in your home, where you're most comfortable, in a large open area with plenty of natural light. 

Q. Will I own my pictures or must I order through Lindsey Laughlin Photography?
A. All of my sessions prices include your high resolution digital images, but you can order the highest quality prints from me in any size or style at any time. Customized albums are also available! The image copyright will be owned by Lindsey Laughlin Photography so that I may use them for marketing and portfolio building but I will authorize/release the right to you to order prints and/or use the images online on your personal sites. I'm happy to suggest some professional labs where you'll get the most for your money. If you're looking for Fine Art printing or something a little out of the ordinary, I have a convenient and easy process to order them through me to ensure you get top quality products.

Q. Will you travel for my session or event?
A. YES! I love to travel - just say the word. :)